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Powwow Drums | Native Tribal Hand Drums

Native Hand Drums, Powwow Drums, Music and More

Welcome to Tribal Spirit Music, traditional native powwow drum and hand drum makers and home of the Tribal Spirit native music label.

Hand Crafted Native Drums
Tribal Spirit is Joywind and Robert Todd, native artists of Shuswap, Simpcw First Nations, British Columbia and Mohawk/Scottish descent. We live in the Laurentian Mountains north of Montreal, Quebec, Canada. For more than a decade, we have applied our skills and dedication to building native spiritual tools, and sharing on the powwow trail. We create traditional Native American powwow drums, hand drums, powwow drumsticks, drum bags and leather handbags. Our products are made using wild deer, buffalo and moose hides, and selectively cut cedar, ash, butternut and cherry wood. All our products are hand-made, and superbly crafted using time honored methods and materials.



Hand Drums
We develop Native American hand drums used in ceremonies throughout North America. Our hand drums are made with steamed white ash frames. They are round or almost round (because we hand steam them, each has a slightly unique shape), and made with wild deer, moose, or even buffalo hides. Most of our hand drum models are available in either natural tan color or stained to a rich brown using our own dark walnut dye. A carved maple drumstick is included with each drum. Hand drums can be made from a variety of different hides, but are typically made from deer hides, which is thinner and open-pored, giving a loud sound with a full range of tones. Buffalo hand drums are also now available.



Powwow Drums
Our Powwow drums are used by award-winning native groups and by leaders at major native ceremonies throughout North America. We build our drums using 1 1/4” thick sections of solid eastern white cedar. These frames are very strong and guaranteed for life. Generally, we work with moose hide as it is very thick and maintains its sound well no matter the level of humidity. All of our drums have a big sound.

We offer the hide in a natural tan color or walnut dyed, with painted frames of various colors. Our drums come in a wide range of sizes to meet the needs of our customers. If you aren’t sure which drum you want, try cutting out a cardboard circle to help imagine the sizing.



Hand Drum Kits for Workshops
People love our native hand drums so much, that we have also created a hand drum kit. We have learned over the years how to avoid many of the problems common to new drum makers and have put together the perfect kit for someone wanting to lead a Hand Drum Making Workshop. We make an old style hand steamed and bent white ash frame, cut the deer hide to proper size, punch the holes in a good way so they don't tear out during pulling or the drying process, and cut the lacing to the right thickness, enough to pull the drum and make the handle. Our 14-15" Drum Kits are $85 each plus $10 for drum stick kit and our 16" Drum Kits are $110 plus $10 for the drum stick kit.  Please email for information or just give us a call. If you are new to leading a workshop we will give you all the tips you need, including a video on how to run a successful gathering. 819 429 7641



Native Tribal Music
Through our involvement in supplying native bands with custom drums, Tribal Spirit has developed its own native music record label. We own and run a totally unique Native American/Indian Cooperative Music production house and record native music under our Tribal Spirit Music label. We invite you to get to know the music of the growing number of singers and drummers now recording their music with us. Our win-win philosophy of fair pay for creative works supports native musicians the best way we know how. Watch for new albums from: A Tribe Called Red, Stoney Bear, Northern Voice, Sitting Bear, Eastern Eagle, Black Bear and our own mellow powwow remix of all our groups called, Soft Core Powwow!



Our leather is from the Laurentian Mountains north of Montreal. Each year during hunting season we gather hides from hunters who ARE eating the meat but don't know what to do with the hide. Throught the sesaon we gather them from local butcher, preserve them and then at the end of the seaosn have them commercially tanned. Each piece of Deer is approximately 10 square feet and each Moose is 8 square feet as our moose pieces are 1/4 of a moose. (the tannery measures the hides).


Accessories and Clothing
We also make a variety of drum accessories, including attractive leather drum bags, crafted from deer leather and tanned leather hides (wrapping drums in leather or in a bag is the best way to protect the drums from humidity). We also make leather saddle bags and purses, and sell leather very important - drum sticks – Native American drums are always played with sticks. In collaboration with Tammy and Mike of Tammy Beauvais Designs we have also created a line of wild moose and deer clothing and accessories.